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Written by Nicolas Gramlich   
Friday, 29 May 2009 12:30

Hello Community,

 Random303, a member of has modified the popular TrekBuddy-AtlasCreator-Tool that it is able to output MapTile-Packs for AndNav2.


TrekBuddy AtlasCreator 4 AndNav2


 You can download both, the executables and the sources from the links below.


Best Regards,


  1. Select (maybe zoom) to the area you want to create a maptilepack for.
  2. On the left, select the desired 'MapSource' (OpenStreetMap Mapnik is a good choice)
  3. Select the desired zoomlevels (below you'll the total number of files that will be downloaded!).
  4. In the 'Package Content'-section below hit the 'Add selection' button.
  5. Below enter a name, i.e. 'MyMapPack'.
  6. In the 'Format'-Selector select 'Untared: tiles in seperate files'. (Otherwise you manually have to untar a couple of files).
  7. Hit Create tile package.
Download this file ( AtlasCreator 4 AndNav2[ ]369 Kb3599 Downloads
Download this file ( AtlasCreator 4 AndNav2 (With Sources)[ ]2969 Kb1086 Downloads
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