Introducing the TTS-Configurationmanager Print
Written by Nicolas Gramlich   
Monday, 19 January 2009 18:22

Hello Community,

 the Text-2-Speech (TTS) Library by Charles L. Chen AndNav2 is using lately provides a ConfigurationManager, where you can change some settings of the TTS-library.

  • "Default Language" will change the 'accent' the voice is using. To actually change the language of the directions, you should choose AndNav2's "DirectionLanguage-Settings"
  • "Default Speech Rate" will change the speed, the voice will talk to you.
  • Select "Override App Settings" if you want to use these settings instead of AndNav's default settings.
  • "Listen to a preview" will say 'Hello' to you in the "Default Language" selected above. (I.e. "Bonjour" having selected French)
Text-2-Speech Configurationmanager

 That feature will be included from the next released version.


Best Regards,

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