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Written by Nicolas Gramlich   
Saturday, 15 November 2008 21:24

Hello Community,

in order to receive 100% free alpha/beta - versions of AndNav2! register here on and put yourself to the Community-User-Map (Set your location under Profile-->Personal).
Then I will notify you through the mail you are registered here and send you the latest alpha/beta apks of AndNav2 !

Important Notes:
  • Countries currenlyNov 15th 2008 covered are:
    • Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Liechtenstein, UK and Ireland
    • Next week there will be Spain and France too !
  • The applications you receive do not represent the final product! Especially bugs are meant to be fixed in a final version!
  • The Routing of AndNav2 may currently be partially wrong!
    • The Reason for that is because the OSM-data is a community-based project and as we know nobody is perfect! So it might turn out that there is a one-way not recognized, a roundabout unknown, or a turn-restriction untreated!
    • We are working really hard on getting such things improved.

FAQ: Why isn't it on the market?
- Especially the Alpha-Versions will not be available from the market, because unfinished application is due to receive one-star ratings. And I do not want to risk AndNav2 drown the lists, because of some small bugs from the Alpha/Beta-version.

FAQ: Why isn't the US covered?
- The mapdata for the US is currently so big, that it doesn't fit on our server. Servers at that scale cost hell of money, which we don not have.


Btw: you can donate to the AndNav-Project! (See the PayPal-Donate button in the left menu)


Best Regards,

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