Introducing the AndNav2 Maptile-Preloader Print
Written by Nicolas Gramlich   
Thursday, 13 November 2008 04:57

 Hello Community,

today I want to introduce the so called MapTile-Preloader of AndNav2, which is a nice feature that will ensure that you have map-images along your route even if you have lost your internet-connection. You can easily access it during your navigation at any point of time, through the menu:

AndNav2 Maptile-Proloader

AndNav2 Maptile-Proloader

 The number of tiles that need to be loaded depends on the zoomlevel you are currently viewing. When you are running on GPRS/EDGE 1 maptile takes about 1 second. When you are on 3G or WiFi for preloading, you probably cannot watch how fast data is floating in Wink .

This feature is really useful if you go hiking or drive to an area where is no network available but you still want to see map-images.

Best Regards,

Last Updated on Saturday, 15 November 2008 18:09