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Geschrieben von: Nicolas Gramlich   
Mittwoch, 04. Februar 2009 um 04:42 Uhr
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Hello Community, California

we proudly announce that AndNav2 is now supporting California one of the biggest states in the United States of America.

We decided to provide this kind of 'US-preview' to you, to show what would be possible if we had the money for the server, which we are fundraising for.


Why California?

  1. Because most money was donated from this state
  2. ~30 People place theirselves to California on the Community-Map


What else... from this release on you can search through all existing POIs of the OSM-Database, which are several hundres of thousands!

Also you have the possibility to add Traffic-Feeds to AndNav2 as described earlier in the news.


You can download the Nightly-Build here: »Download« (can be called from your G1)


Best Regards,

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