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Written by Nicolas Gramlich   
Thursday, 29 January 2009 00:51

Hello Community,

 you might have heard of Skyhook-Wireless Inc., Wifi-Positioning and iPhone in one sentence. But from today on you are also aware of a sentence containing Skyhook, WiFi-Positioning and AndNav2, because from today on we are partnering with Skyhook-Wireless.

SkyHook and AndNav2

Let me quickly explain what is the profit for you.

By combining GPS, Cell tower triangulation and Wi-Fi Positioning through the Skyhook-API, AndNav2 can now locate you faster (usually within 1-5 second), bridging the gap until GPS comes to life. It will also be more accurate, especially in metropolitan areas, where GPS-signal quality usually is not the best. In some high-density urban places it can even locate you indoors, where GPS-only positioning fails completely!


All this is as always 100% free for you!


Best Regards,

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