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Written by Nicolas Gramlich   
Monday, 03 November 2008 02:50

AndNav1 and AndNav2 are Android Navigation-Systems.

The main difference between AndNav1 and AndNav2 is that they are not based on the same map-data. AndNav1 is based on GoogleMaps and had to fight with licensing issues, that are caused by the variety of different map-providers behind the GoogleMaps. The major drawback of that is that so AndNav1 is not allowed to have realtime-navigation, what makes out a common navigationsystem. So in the end AndNav1 is allowed to provide only 'static navigation', which is based on user but not on GPS-sensor input.

But, this is where AndNav2 comes into play, as it is based on free mapdata by AndNav2 will provide full audible turn-by-turn realtime route-guidance. AndNav2 has unique features, like Text-2-Speech, an accessibility-study (aka 'Where can I get in 30 minutes') or avoiding customizable areas, i.e. a traffic-jam or a broken bridge on natural disasters. AndNav2 will also contribute back GPS-Traces to the OSM-Project, so when you have driven an unknown route, expect it to be no more unknown from a day to a week later.

AndNav1 and AndNav2 fully interact with all possibilities the Android-Platform provides, like Text-2-Speech, accessing your contacts, high-quality graphics and fast internet-access all combined in an easy to use user interface.


AndNav1 is developed by Nicolas Gramlich

AndNav2 ... in cooperation with Pascal Neis from{jcomments on}

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