Introducing the OpenStreetBug-Interface Drucken
Geschrieben von: Nicolas Gramlich   
Mittwoch, 17. Dezember 2008 um 14:57 Uhr
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Hello Community,

today we want to make you familiar with the new neat feature of AndNav2. We have added an interface to OpenStreetBug (website) which also is available right here on

With this tool, you can report bugs in the OpenStreetMap-Data, which can get commented and closed by other members of the OpenStreetMap/AndNav-Community.

Such bugs are i.e.:

  • Missing streets
  • Misspelled streetnames
  • Oneways in the wrong direction
  • New roundabouts
  • etc...

This feature will be included in the very next version of AndNav2.


Best Regards,
Nicolas & Pascal