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Mittwoch, 10. Dezember 2008 um 01:43 Uhr
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Hello Community,

 from the very next version of AndNav2 you can plan Routes online and store them to the SD-Card of your Android-Device. You can use those routes without a data connection! Together with preloaded maptiles, you can navigate completely with any data-connection!

This is how it works for now:

Planning Route Online on
  1. Pick a Start-Point, by selecting 'Startpoint' and clicking on the Map.
  2. Pick a End-Point, by selecting 'Endpoint' and clicking on the Map.
  3. Hit [Calculate].
    After a few seconds you'll see the route appear on the map.
    Also you'll see a set of instructions in the lower left corner.
  4. Hit the [XML] button which will open a dialog to save the route on your computer.
    (the name will look like: 2008.12.10_04_37.xml but you can rename it to whatever you want i.e. paris_berlin.route)
  5. Insert the SD-Card of your Android-Device into your computer and save the downloaded *.xml to i.e.:
  6. The next time you run AndNav2 you can load that Route into AndNav2, without having a networking connection!

Note: Very soon you'll be able to also add via-points on !

This feature will be available from the very next version of AndNav2. In upcoming versions the list of the Routes will show more details  and will be improved


Best Regards,
Nicolas & Pascal

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