Introducing the SD-Caching Drucken
Geschrieben von: Nicolas Gramlich   
Dienstag, 02. Dezember 2008 um 01:41 Uhr
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Hello Community,

 today we want to introduce you the updated Caching-feature. This updated caching-mechanism allows you to enable storing the downloaded map-tiles to the SD-card instead of to the internal-ROM.


  1. No Internal ROM is used (you can habe more applications installed!)
  2. You can store many more(!) - tons of maptiles, just as big as your SD-Card is!
  3. You can preload much more images, so you can have detailed maps even without coverage!
  4. Internal-ROM is used as a fallback, if no SD-Card is inserted.


  1. Its a little bit slower than storing to the internal ROM (at least with my SD-Card)

This is how it looks like:


If I find no bugs, I'll send out a version to all covered+registered users, tonight.


Note: You currently can set sizes, bigger than the actual free space on the SD-Card is. AndNav will probably crash then


Best Regards,

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