Introducing the Altitude-Profile-Service Print
Written by Nicolas Gramlich   
Sunday, 01 February 2009 00:08

Hello Community,

 today we want to make you familiar with the so called Altitude Profile-Service (APS).

Through the APS you can request an - guess what - Altitude Profile, for the next 50 kilometers of your route. The data this service is based on the freely available NASA SRTM3 altitude data and is especially interesting for bikers and hikers.

The service was originally created by Sjors Provoost. You owe him the credits Cool

This is how it looks like in AndNav2:
Route Altitude Profiles...

Note: The availability of this service is currently really limited, to some specific areas in Germany: Heidelberg and Berlin. Why? The server-capabilities Cry

Anyway, the next version will contain this feature - for the (for now) lucky ones.


Best Regards,
Nicolas & Pascal

PS: Oh we almost forgot... if you are familiar with the image below, routing might be close... Surprised

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